Lost My Mind

Oh how I’m not sure of myself and the predicaments I put myself in.

Monday… this little painful fibromyalgia body is going to start a “Camp Gladiator”


I’m just flat crazy.

Loading the dishwasher hurts.. What in the World was I Thinking… I wasn’t … I just wasn’t

Now I’m scared.

Scared scared.


To top that one off… I signed up for the one you have to be there by 5AM!!!!!  That means I have to leave my house by at least 4:40… I might just sleep in my clothes.

I’m late to everything… this might not have been thought out very well.



…. but deep deep deep deep down inside, I’m really thinking, hoping and praying that exercise and eliminating all but whole foods will help me get my life back…….

fibro pain bed

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