Becoming A Minimalist ~ Wall By Wall ~ Day 1 ~ Step 1

Screaming at myself on the inside: “What Is My Hang Up?????”

What makes me not want to start and finish anything?

How do I change myself?

I want it so bad… to be clean.. to get rid of clutter and things we never use or need.. to have less.. to see less..


I’m not kidding. I was going to pack my ornaments in a way that this coming Christmas it would be less work and faster to decorate… oh brother… in June.. my mess is still out!! What in the world????? Why???

Whew… that felt good to scream about to you guys… I’m sorry for screaming… My insides have changed to desiring minimalism but I look around and I’m still a messy, clutter freak.


Day 1 Step 1

Admit it. “I am messy but I can change and become clean. ”

I can!!

You can!!

I made myself come back into the room I decided to start on.

I picked 1 wall to start with.

Start from Top to Bottom.

Take everything off the wall. Dust, vacuum, sweep, chuck what’s broken or not worth anything, place in a box something to sell and the items you wish to keep.. make for sure it brings you happiness and joy and has a use or a purpose!!!

Here’s what I’m looking at:

That wall.

It doesn’t look that bad.

My plan:

Take down crosses, picture, mirror, candles, junk off the brick and the curtains to the right. Push the stuff in the floor over to the couch I’m sitting and that can be my next wall/ area.

Once everything is down and moved… I’ll take a picture!!

I’m going to go ahead and publish this.

I’ll update once everything’s down!!


I’m going to use my gear fitness watch to time myself!!! Whew Hew!!!

It’s 9:30am….



2 and 1 partial wall is now bare!

I dusted the walls, cleaned out the fire place, wiped down the windows.

Now I’m going to sweep the bricks on the wall above the mantle and sweep the bricks along the wall of the fire place. I had my 16 year old go outside to the shed and get my husbands shop vac…. I mean business today. I’m not going to part way do it but I’m going to ALL THE WAY DO IT!!!

Here’s my update so far!!

I’m thinking about… maybe… dry brushing the brick a cream color. Once I’m done swiping and vacuuming I’m going to paint the panelling!!!! White for now. I’ve always wanted to do it. I felt like that would lighten it up in our family room! I love the big windows!! I’m even thinking about ordering new blinds… but I do love opening the curtains with no blinds. There’s just something so pretty to me to look out of unobstructed windows!!

Noon picture update:

And now I’m hungry too!

Might have to make me a little snack before I grab the broom!! Glad I have a rotisserie chicken in the fridge!!

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