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Trackers For Cleaning Motivation
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Trackers For Cleaning Motivation

No Research Found So, like I said previously, I am a researcher.  I dig for information.  Goggle is my friend. So, I thought, what about using a fitness tracker to motivate me to clean?  Eh?  I tell you, I am grabbing at straws… desperately determined… hopelessly hopeful… seriously stumped… total tornado… absolutely arduous… manic mess… … Continue reading

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Mess Maker

Mess Maker = Out Of Order Mama I’m sitting here… thinking… should I add a new picture to give you a visual of just how messy I am? My messy picture on the previous post just would not compare to what I see today. It’s bad. It’s as if, somehow, I make things worse… and … Continue reading


HGTV Motivation

Good Saturday Morning!! I have started my day by watching HGTV for motivation.  I love watching a very tired, lived in, worn down house ~ turned into an amazing lovely home!! It gives me inspiration. Inspiration that I store up rather than implementing. Ever do that? You watch an improvement show.. It gets your excitement … Continue reading