How To Start A Beginning

Start with a blank page and 1 wall or 1 corner.

1 blank page in your notebook too!

Now, look at your wall or corner. I decided instead of the corner, I would pick the one wall.

Take a picture of it.

Here’s mine:

Hello wall… hello… hello…. an old song from when I was little! LoL

Now on your blank page, use your pencil and draw out what you want to do. Don’t say you can’t draw!! We can!! I’m really good at stick people!! LoL

Take a picture.

Here’s mine:

Okay, now on the next blank page let’s make a list with the 1st step and each step until your wall is complete!

This is what I’m changing:

That huge computer desk takes up that whole wall and it’s been like that for over 10+ years!! All this wood!! I’m ready for some paint!! Lighten the Living area up!!

Oh I have plans for that wall too!!

But, remember yesterday? I said 1 wall or corner at 1 time. So crazy cluttered computer desk… you baby.. are on the back burner until I’m ready for you!! And oh… the plans I have for you!!! Well it’s going to be for my boys!!! It’s going to be fabulous!!!


Step 1: Remove everything from that corner or that wall. Everything!!

I will be doing my steps as I write this post and I will also post pictures!!

We are going to have so much fun!!

We, together, are going to make PROGRESS!!!


I’m So Super Excited!!!

Okay, so now all my boys are awake so I’m going to make them some breakfast!!

I’ll be right back!!! I promise you!!!

It will be a new post… Titled…

Step 1

Eeeaaaakkkkkk!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!

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