I Skipped ‘Step 1’ For Now Doggie Distractions

So yesterday, began this downhill spiral out-of-no-where, over my dog.

Yes. My dog. I spent the day with him because at 10 years old and 100# most of his adult life… I realized at his vet visit Friday that for a dog his size and age.. 10 is lucky.

I happened upon pinterest… I know… I shouldn’t have done that… and started reading the beautiful having a dog and the devastation losing a dog pinned too close together. One even made me cry, as I sat on the floor petting Hershal’s back.

I’ve had him 10 years. He came home with me when he was 6-8 weeks old. He was little, long skinny legs and a white tip on his tail. We already had a dog… our first, as a married couple, baby (fur baby) Snuffy… he had just turned 9. Our oldest son was 7 and our youngest son was 2.

Knowing how puppies need to go potty outside every few hours (remembering Snuffy as a puppy) I bought a big, long “keeper”. Removed the lid. At one end I had a little water bowl, in the middle a couple of puppy toys, and at the other end one of my worn tshirts and a blanket underneath.

I slid the keeper on my side of the bed so the end where the blanket was would allow me to easily hang my hand down, while sleeping or wanting to sleep more, when Hershal would wake up at 2 or 3am needing a potty time. I did that for a few reasons. One, I knew he was use to cuddling with his brothers and sisters and I didn’t want him to wake in the night feeling lonely. Two, I had a two year old son at the time and I DID NOT want a 2yr old (cranky) woken up at that time in the morning!! LoL 3, I knew I could eventually train Hershal to hold it longer and longer so he would learn, like Snuffy did, not to wake us up at night and to sleep like the rest of his new “pack”.

How did 10 years go by that fast? How do I now have a Junior in High School and my baby is starting Junior High in August?

I blinked.

Time flew.

Losing Snuffy was so painful. Yesterday, I wondered, how in the world will I get through when it’s Hershal’s time?

Hershal was at my side since day one. He loves “Daddy” but he’s definitely a “Mama’s Baby”! He knows when my fibromyalgia is at its worse. In fact, when it’s so bad it’s hard to walk down the hall, he will gently walk upon my side, gently with his nose, nudge my hand to his head, and walk me. Oh, it’s so precious… and it just shows how tuned into my body pain he truly is. And it shows how tall he is! I’m 5’4 and with my hands down at my side I can pet his head without bending!! He’s pure muscle. That 100lb body he’s had until this last vet visit was never ever overweight, but solid.

He has one blue eye and one half blue and half brown and he scares everyone, outside of family, when he sits at my feet and stares at them. He’s ran many of mailmen, ups drivers and JW off with his height and bark! He’s better than any of our security devices we have around our home. He guards the house at night while we sleep and follows me like a shadow anywhere I go through the house… since day one.

I was reminded, in my heart, that no one but God knows when our last breath we’ll be. Worrying about someone passing is only missing more time living with them.


That God spelled backwards spells Dog.


How beautiful.

My Hershal and rescued off the highway 5ish years ago a talkative basset Hank. I named him Hank (after Hank Williams senior.. that’s a story for another day)!

Our current fur baby family. We adopted an abandoned girl Anna this past January.

Three Amigos!!

We are leaving today for a family BBQ to honor the Daddy’s in our lives.

I hope you have a Wonderful Father’s Day Today!! My Daddy passed on Feburary 13, 2007. My second son, my last baby, was only 8 weeks old. We had no idea.

So, if you have a Daddy, call him, give him a gift, give him a big hug!!

Live each day to it’s fullest and as if you knew it was your last.





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